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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  November 2, 2010 7:14am-8:00am PST

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people come in with a marriage. they don't want window dressing. they want systematic change in who they each are. that is what needs to happen. >> what happens next here? >> i think they were going to form a coalition against their kids, going to be parents. he's going to stand up and be the tough guy. she's going to be his consultant. and i think as they learn to be a team in facing up with these two, difficult children, that will go a long way to helping their marriage, as well. >> the children were actually split. the son was living with mom. the daughter was living with dad. and they were actively opposed to the reunion and fearful of what that marriage would be like if they got back together. >> well, one of the things that they were afraid of was they would stop running the show if these two get their act together. i'm looking forward to the demotion. >> can you distill down the common wisdom for what couples have to do to survive infidelity? >> yes. you have to deal with each other. you have to have time and
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patience. you have to understand that the person who is the hurt one, has a completely different experience than the person who is the hurting one. that person needs empathy and patience, the very qualities that might have been missing that led them to the affair to begin with. so it's uphill. but it can be done. >> and terry also prescribes transparency. you have to let someone see the text messages. see the cell phones. and it will take time. >> a good, clear sign of what transparency looks like. it was just fascinating. i hope it works out. thank you both very much. i know you at home had lots of questions for terry real with your own experiences with cheating and marriage. go to to read terry's responses. when we come back, what you didn't see in last night's "dancing with the stars" landmark celebration. but when you call... let me check. oh fudge, nothing without a big miles upcharge. it's either pay their miles upcharges or connect through mooseneck! [ freezing ] i can't feel my feet.
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don't have to wait until wednesday to see the stars. they were out last night for the 200th episode of "dancing with the stars." celebrities of the past ten seasons came back to cheer on the cast of season 11. chris connelly was there to witness it all. he joins us now. got up bright and early in l.a. >> reporter: early if not bright, robin. it was like homecoming weekend of "dancing with the stars," with the alumni coming back to watch the class of 2010 compete. the 200th episode of "dancing with the stars," featured returning champions, captaining teams of this season's stars. ♪ and competitors, reinterpreting the best-loved dances from seasons past. ♪
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tied for the top honors were jennifer grey and brandy. by the time the after-party red carpet was rolled out -- ♪ guest judge gilles marini, was feeling the heat for giving brandy's dance a nine. >> this was the first time i judged. and the last time in my life. >> reporter: you won't judge again? >> you judge high, you look like an idiot. you judge fair, they're going to hate you for it. >> reporter: true, guest judges had more tens. and kelly osbourne piled on the praise for bristol palin. >> i think she did a fantastic job. >> i'm proud of myself for coming out of my shell. and becoming more confident in who i am and knowing what i'm capable of. >> reporter: are you going to win this? >> i think we have a shot. ♪
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>> reporter: jen for rolled three generations strong, with her father, oscar-winning actor, joel grey. and her 8-year-old daughter, stella. >> it was thrilling. i wept. i saw her at rehearsal yesterday. and my eyes just teared up. and she just delivered tonight. ♪ >> maybe she will be my role model. >> reporter: the show's 11 seasons have served up more than 1,000 dances and 121 stars. some got reacquainted last night, like evan lysacek and erin andrews. season three winner, emmitt smith, got to check out melissa rycroft's six-month baby bump. have you tried dancing with the baby bump yet? >> she does enough dancing without me. >> reporter: "dancing with the stars" keeps rolling on. the show's first fan favorite,
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how big it's become. you think the show's going strong and getting bigger all the time? >> because i'm not on it. >> reporter: erin andrews i think spoke for everybody when she said, the show is like a family. so, there was quite a family reunion last night, robin. >> it was great to see their families. joel grey, my goodness. he's so proud of jennifer, isn't he? >> reporter: he really is. and obviously, it was an emotional night for her, as well. he was thrilled to see how well she did. and she had her daughter in the house, as well. >> and she's at the top of the leaderboard with brandy. and we see bristol is toward the bottom again. but she is one of the more popular ones out on the red carpet, bristol palin, right? >> of the people we talk to on the red carpet, the two folks being rooted for the most were jennifer grey and bristol palin. i think it's for two, different reasons. jennifer wears all of her emotions on her sleeve. and people are compelled by that. and because bristol is something of an enigma. and people are fascinated by
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that. those are the two characteristics. >> what did you say? >> that's bad news for kyle. he's going to get knocked out tonight. >> kyle was very happy with his performance. and lacy said, in fact, she is the one that gets nervous. and kyle never does. he'll rock on no matter what happens. >> and those rock-hard abs. chris, thanks. >> no problem. >> of course, the competition continues tonight. "dancing with the stars" at 8:00, 7:00 central. followed by division 2010. ♪ [ female announcer ] the cleaner the counter, the smoother the counter. with bounty you can be confident you'll get your counter clean. in this lab test, one sheet of bounty leaves this surface 3x cleaner than the bargain brand. ♪ big mess? bring it. super absorbent, super durable, super clean. bounty. the clean picker upper. and for huge value, try bounty huge roll.
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firefighters or the scene of an apartment fire in oakland that displaced up to 24 residents this morning. it broke out about two hours ago on 15th street near fifth avenue. they had to rescue residents from the burning building. spoke was visible from 880 but no word of any injuries. preparations are underway this morning for an officially celebration honoring the world series champions. san francisco giants. they arrived early this morning at at&t park. hundreds of fans were on hand to greet the players. managing partner showed off the world series trophy for the city to see. they will hold a parade for the giants tomorrow beginning at 11:00 a.m. let's check in with frances. >> it's going very well at the
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bay bridge toll plaza. things have lightened up. northbound 880 marina there are a couple of accidents in the same spot. traffic is jammed on 238 getting to 880 and as you make your way from dakota up to 238, 25 minute ride. all right. all right. thanks a lot. ["knock on wood" playing]
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every five minutes, chase pays for someone's eligible credit or debit card purchase. [beep] chase picks up the tab. it could be you. chase picks up the tab. it's another great reason to bank with chase. chase what matters. sign up at a branch today. good morning, lows in the morning, stuck in the 40s and 50s with patchy fog up in the north bay valleys. total sunshine this afternoon. mid to upper 80s and maybe see an 80 in the east bay valley and morgan hill and around santa cruz. who's and 50s with patchy fog in
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the north bay. for the parade tomorro ♪ if i could turn back time no need for cher to turn back time. she looks better than ever right now. there she is. a sneak peek of the new "vanity fair," taken exclusively for the magazine. and cher will be here. wait for it. wait for it. "gma," friday, november 19th. a rare interview. mark your calendar for the one and only cher, here on november 19th. >> she looks good. >> she does. >> and a big movie coming out. >> that's what we'll talk to her. good morning, america. election day. alongside george, i'm robin. also today, temperatures are going down. it doesn't mean heating bills are going up. it could. but wendy bounds has the five ways to winterize your home and save money, big-time.
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we have a ray of sunshine this morning. the one and only, rachael ray, cooks up easy, simple food, to keep us all warm, all winter long. looking forward to that. >> we are. also, the holiday season is time to open up your heart to those in need. what is there's not much to spare? people want to give to charities around the holiday season. mellody hobson is here to give tips. the best way to give, how to check out the charities before you give. >> people really want to do that. make sure that the money is going to the right place and the best use. also, speaking of the holidays. we're having such fun with "your three words." we love the videos you've been sending us, summing up how you feel about your lives in three words. tell us how you feel about the holidays. go to upload your three-word video. who knows? you might see it right here on "gma." love it. time for five of our favorite words. sam champion and the weather.
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>> i was just doing the math, george. good morning, new jersey. >> good morning. >> we are so glad to have you. who is this one? >> this is elizabeth. >> hi, elizabeth. elizabeth's like, yeah, i'm kind of awake. i put my boots on. yeah. there you are. can you see you? yeah the. >> yeah. >> looking pretty good. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on we want to talk about. rachel's here, by the way. i mean, right here. rachael ray's right here. we're going to talk about the low shifting out of texas the next couple of days, along louisiana and the gulf coast. maybe makes a move up the eastern seaboard. but there's heavy rain again today, in the east texas area all the way through louisiana. we have 2, 2 1/2, almost 3 inches of rain in houston, early in the morning. the heat's on in the southwest. we have a cool morning start
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all that weather was brought to you by kellogg's pop-tarts, toaster pastries. robin, don't ask me to get up. it took me forever to get down here. >> come on, sam. you knew i was going to go there. and now -- he's really going to stay down there. for "america's consumer" winter is around the corner. the time to get ready is now. wendy bounds is here. five things you can do to winterize your home, for saving money. we talk about drafts. >> i know. >> they -- >> they feel bad. they make us want to crank up the heat. and if they're situated near a thermostat, they may make it cut off.
8:34 am
one of the things i like is a twins draft guard. it slides under the door. you can cut it to fit. it gets the draft coming and going. goes right underneath it. you can use it on the window. only about 11 bucks. a small thing. use it in the bedroom. turn down the rest of the house. really helps. >> you can use it for windows. >> now, windows -- caulking. another big place. i love to caulk. i will admit it here now. why don't i come to your house, right? >> please. >> there's a couple of products that make it easier. this product, practecol, it can seal up the leaks around the windows. g.e. has come out with a product called groov. you can paint about 30 minutes after you put it on. if all that fails, you have bad, old windows, go to the old stand-by. these are window insulating
8:35 am
kits. you put them on the windows with tape and plastic. you crank the hair dryer on and do the rest of it. if you do it right, you will not see it. i've had guests come to my house. they never knew it was there. >> never knew. >> works really well. >> this is for the old windows like this. those are harder to do caulking and stuff. >> and you have glass that's not insulated. >> insulation. >> tell you how to get somebody to help you pay for it. that's uncle sam. we have a $1,500 tax credit in effect until the end of this year. that's a dollar for dollar back on your tax bill, for putting in new insulation. do it in your attic. if you have walls down, renovating. do it there. do it in the basement. fiberglas, it's itchy. it recycled denim. there's a new site out there,, where people sell leftover materials. good for the environment.
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could be good for your pocketbook, too. you're rubbing your hands. we're getting near the fireplace. >> who doesn't love a fire? >> you love the way it makes you feel. you do not love what it does to the energy bills. it can suck heat out of the house. you want to close the damper when you're not using it. i take a piece of wool insulation. it's very flame-resistant. put it near the damper. take it out before you light the fire. there's new mojo bricks out there. i like the name. but they're compressed saw dust. they burn hotter and longer of typical wood without the mess. those are some things to check out for an old fireplace. >> how much can you save? >> if you upgrade your appliance. the tax credit, you can save 20% to 40% on your heating bills, just by upgrading. a new wood stove you put right in here. that's an important thing people should take advantage of now.
8:37 am
this is kind of the wave of the future. >> what is this? >> a bio ethanol fireplace. there's no vent. you can use this product anywhere in the house, where you have room for it. again, it's bio ethanol. made from plant materials down in there. you can feel the heat. >> it's not in place of a fireplace. >> you could use it. if you have a living room and want to heat that space, you can have somebody in here. if you don't want to mess with the insulation and venting, this is something you can use for that. >> you really can feel the heat. >> with big heating equipment, in general, if you have an old unit, to think about using the tax credit to upgrade your existing heating unit. there's a product called acti-vent. it will shut on and off, you set the temperatures in a room where you don't want heat. if you do need heat, you have it
8:38 am
turned up. this is the way people can zone their heat. be warm in the rooms you need to be. keep the temperatures down in the rooms you don't. >> how much? >> about 50 bucks per unit. the tax credits, take advantage of them before the end of the year. >> come to my place and do some caulking. >> with the gun and all that. you can find out where to buy the supplies, and learn more about the tax rebate programs in your state, at maybe wendy will come and help you, too. next, your heart may be full you, too. next, your heart may be full of goodwill but your wallelelelm
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our schools a break.
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♪ ♪ money, money, money giving to charity is such an important part of the holiday season for so many americans. last year, we donated $227 billion to charity, with one-quarter coming between thanksgiving and new year's. with so many people facing hard times right now, it's getting harder and harder for americans to give. mellody hobson, president of ariel investments gives you five tips. last year, charities took a big hit after the financial crisis in 2009. what's the most important thing that families need to know now if they want to give? >> you're right. charities were down 4% last year, during a time when people really need the money. the most important thing that we can consider is making a budget. and not giving more than we can afford. and certainly, not going into
8:42 am
debt in order to give to a charity. as americans, we're extraordinarily generous. but we need to be very, very careful. >> and what kind of background work do you need to do to determine which charities will use your money the best? >> george, with over 2 million charities out there, there's a lot of choices. doing some legwork really does help. you want to make sure that the money actually goes to the cause. and not the overhead of the organization. the rule of thumb is to have an organization that does not spend more than 35% of your contribution on things like fund-raising and rent and salaries. and their website can actually help you do the research. as well as the american association of philanthropist has a website where they rank 500 charities. that's called you can walk into your local charity and ask them questions and do your own legwork and research, too. >> you say there's ways to give to charities without spending a
8:43 am
dime at all. >> yes. >> what are some of the alternatives? >> one thing. if you know you're getting holiday gifts from friends or family, you can say, in lieu of a gift, make a charitable donation in my name. you can also, in this day and age, get the equivalent of a charity gift card., allows you to load up a card from $10 to $5 $50. you have to make the donation within six months. or the money actually goes away. your own credit card, american express has a program called members give, where you redeem your rewards points and give them to charity. you can also redeem the points for charity certificates as gifts for friends. and they have a million charities you can choose from. >> i've used that before. it's such a great program. you get on the website. and you can see the teacher you're going to hire or the
8:44 am
classroom you're going to supply. it's fantastic stuff. but there are a lot of scams out there. as well. >> yes. >> how do you make sure you avoid the scams? >> the scams come out in numbers in the holidays or when we've had a disaster. if you're at all leery, you can contact your better business bureau. they also have a site,, where you can look up the records of charities. have they been legitimate? you can contact your local attorney general. always be wary of in-bound requests. in-bound e-mails, in-bound calls, i'm leery. and understand that a lot of organizations out there that are fraudule fraudulent, do a good job of looking and feeling like a legitimate organization. by just changing one letter in their name or things like that. you want to be very, very careful. >> finally, most charitable donations are tax-deductible. how do you make sure you get the deduction? >> you can only get the
8:45 am
deduction if you itemize your tax return. and you use a 501-c-3. that's the tax code. and you want to make sure no matter what, the amount of money you're giving, you have the receipt. people who gave to the haitian relief effort, when they texted, the irs said in that situation, your phone bill is your receipt. >> mellody hobson, thanks very much. and many employers match contributions to charities. we have more on that, at when we come back, it's rachael ray.
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8:47 am
some mornings are more fun than others. i notice when we have a fun morning, usually, rachel, they're out. now, it's getting colder. we have great ideas for cheap and easy meals that will keep
8:48 am
your family cozy and full. the queen of 30-minute meals, rachael ray. she has a new book called "rachael ray's look and cook." she's here to talk about some of the recipes that are in here. good morning. >> good morning, baby. the champion. >> can i say i love the book and here's why. all along the way, how many of you, when you're reading something, and you say, i'm going to make this. and you get to a step when you're like, i don't know if this is right. in this book, every step pictured along the way. >> the "look and cook," that's it. it's like a paint by numbers for cooking. you can see how simple or difficult each dish is, because the dish is depicted in pictures. this one, five panels to see how to make it. this one, you need three. that tells you, not only in just a glance, whether or not you want to make that for dinner. but it tells you how much work you're in for. >> yeah. >> this one, it's made in one
8:49 am
skillet. there's only three panels to tell me how to do it. great. that's easy. some of the others have more steps. you might want to entertain with them. you can tell at a glance, for 100 meals in over 600 pictures, literally, how to cook, step-by-step, every step of the way. >> pretty pictures. and did you see the cover? did you see the cover shot? i could talk to you all day. let's get to the food. the first thing, it's a shepherd's pie idea. >> one thing i get asked a lot of, is how do i get my family to eat healthier? but they want to eat their favorite foods. >> when it comes to comfort foods, it's usually about portion control. you roast potatoes, add a little veg. i have pepper and onion here. paprika. you're adding flavor.
8:50 am
reduced-fat sour cream. >> and smokey gouda cheese. you mix together the potato topping. over here, one pound of ground sirloin. you add in some veg. there's mushrooms in here. and you make a simple sauce, with a little pan gravy. i flavor mine up with mustard, worcestershire and soy. >> you have all of the flavors, without the big serving. >> over here, you take it and restuff the potato. you're turning it upside down. you're putting the meat in the potato. and put the paprika potatoes on top. you brown them. they look like this. >> that's great. >> it's adorable. and you're handing out a great comfort food. but it's in portions that are reasonable. you can have all things in moderation. then, when you get through the first 100. >> uh-huh? >> here's the big deal.
8:51 am
there's 3 30-minute meals, when i cook online. you can look and cook together. >> i can cook along with you. >> that's right. >> i know if i'm doing it right. >> right. >> and without the commercial break. >> and people can go, i know you did something special in that commercial break to make this go faster. >> five cameras roll at the same time. first time with no commercial break. >> it really is 30-minutes. >> for real. >> and you can prove it. >> and you're having the baked apples. a few desserts and side dishes to go with the "look and cook" to expand them. >> you can take the menu and make it -- >> right. simple desserts. baked, stuffed apples. >> it looks like breakfast. >> it is. i make my baked, stuffed apples with museli. >> didn't it look like we called each other? >> i like the fish nets.
8:52 am
>> and the accessories. >> i'm not dressed properly. >> i'm eating the food. >> i had to get ready for the -- >> another tip, ladies and gentlemen. from rachael ray. thank you for this, rachael. we also need to say, not only will we tell you how to get the book and how to get to her stuff online, but get the recipes that rachael brought us at rachael. >> nice to see you. @bñbñbñbñt
8:53 am
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all that coverage starts tonight at 7:00 on we're going to hit the network at 9:30, right after "dancing with the stars." as they said, we're going to go all night long. straight through to tomorrow morning. you guys are running, straight
8:56 am
through the entire new york marathon on sunday. for a really good cause. >> the american cancer society. the new york chapter. they raised $1 million. you go, team. all right. >> we'll see you all tomorrow. bye-bye. hi! welcome to progres. come on in, and i'll give you a free quote. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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today is election day and the registrar's office in santa clara county says the ballot problem is fixed. they have been cleaning printing smudges of thousands of vote by mail ballots. election workers noticed that machines weren't reading the
8:59 am
ballots quickly because of smumgs on them. a shooting happened at gravity last night. a 22-year-old man was shot several times inside the club. so far police have a vague description of the shooter. tonight, the giants parade. we'll check in and see how the weather is going to be tonight and tomorrow. >> nice and sunshine and temperatures above average, mid to upper 70s even 80 around santa cruz. as we look in tonight, lower 50s expect mid-70s and 70s downtown san francisco for the parade. >> it's looking good at bay bridge toll plaza. 880 has been heavy through hayward due to earlier accidents. still crowded on southbound 680 through walnut creek up around highway 24. traffic looks fine around mill bay as you


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